Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No balls!

Today Tengil was neutered. I will spare you any before and after picture!
We brought him to the vet in the beginning of the day and picked him up after work. Sometime during that time, he was castrated. We were a bit worried how he would take it all. But everything seems to have gone fine. Apparently, he got pat very much since his fur was so soft :)

Since he stayed the whole day at the clinic, he's been up and running since he got home, he's even played a little with Most. He's very hungry, haven't eaten anything since last night. Most was very hungry this morning since he didn't have anything to eat during the night either. They will both get to it something to eat tonight.

Most on the other hand has been all alone for the first time ever! It seems like he has been looking for Tengil, but when Tengil got home, Most ran and hid under the bed. Both Tengil and the transport bag probably smelled differently. But now everything is ok. In a month or two, it will be Most turn to make a trip to the clinic...