Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sleeping places

This post will be about the cats sleeping places. They have some funny places they like to sleep on. We have a small loud speaker stuffed in a bag with a blanket around it. The bag is open and placed on another speaker (just temporary, we moved in some months ago (closer to six months...), and that's one of Most's favorite places to sleep on. It doesn't seem to be particularly soft, but that's not a problem. Actually, if we place a towel or anything on a furniture the cats will think it is for them to sleep on. Tengil has another place he likes to sleep in, the laundry bag. In fact, everything about laundry is interesting. In the winter, the lamp on the aquarium was a popular place to sleep on.

The new place to sleep, or play, is the drying rack, especially if there is a towel on it, but clothes works to. Towels has the advantage by making it possible to slip between the racks and sort of hang in the air, lying on the towel.