Friday, March 23, 2007

Morning report 23/3, First morning with the ”Spy”

Morning report 23/3, First morning with the ”Spy” – day 32 of my captivity

THEY must be suspecting something, I'm afraid that THEY even found out about my escape plans. I don't know how that could have happened, I have been playing along in the dumb kitten role while THEY were at home and in front of the camera – maybe there is another hidden camera out there? or the girl on the wall is just fake sleeping?

Anyway, the plan won't work now – I didn't get anything done during the night - the one normally sleeping late, has moved back out on the sofa again, and the visitor stayed the night, even after me constantly attacking him. I'm starting to suspect that he isn't a visitor at all, but a spy that will be living here for a while, he got his blanket with him, I can't stand the smell if it, disgusting! He is small as a spy, but tough – and goes by many different names, but his real name is still a mystery to me. When I woke up, the spy was still sleeping, I thought that there maybe was some possibility to get my plan going ahead, but I was wrong. As soon as I started working, the one called Tomek woke up, and what could i do? I jumped into my '12 weeks old kitten' role once again, makes me wanna puke, I had to lick his face and bite his nose, and when I couldn't stand it any more and tried to hide, he grabbed me and forced me down under the blanket. I think the terrible smell made me doze of, because when I awoke again, it wasn't as dark and the Woman was up. After her filthy hands had touched me, she distracted the male prison guard with some talking and I took my chance and sneaked away to the window spot, I wish I could figure out how to walk through that invisible barrier.

I even think I fooled them into thinking that I fell asleep, since they woke up the spy and started to have a meeting of some sort, I'm sure they were discussing if the spy was ready to keep me under control; They came to the conclusion that he wasn't, because Tomek didn't leave, and I'm sure it isn't Saturday yet..

Once the woman guard, possibly called Britta, left I started harassing the spy again, Tomek didn't interfere, I guess he felt asleep. I harassed him hard, every time he tried to get out from under the sofa I jumped at him, so he fled, but they are smart; they build him a secret space under the sofa, I went looking for him under the sofa but the spy was nowhere to be found. But once I hid myself in a spot around the sofa he was out again. If I could continue doing this he would have starved, but it's impossible with Tomek there, he saw what I was doing and put me in the small mobile prison. I struggled to get out, but with no success. They used this time to do some military training, Tomek throwing balls to the spy and the spy fighting them, he's starting to be good, but not as good as me. While they trained I monitored their very move, but they noticed and moved my into another room. Through the crack in the door I could see the spy training, eating and drinking. This made him tired, so once I was transferred back to the main cell, he was so exhausted that he didn't run away from my attacks, so I had to intensify them. With success I might add, he is now back in his sleeping place, with him sleeping and Tomek in the kitchen I could focus on this report.
I hear Tomek's steps, better to fake sleeping, until next time.

/Agent 52