Monday, March 19, 2007

A cat is a cat

Now it's just a couple of days until cat with no name arrives. We went to see him last week and he was so small. But his color seems really nice, he will probably not be chocolate-tabby masked, but rather chocolate mackerel tabby (tigrerad on swedish).
Tengil is up and running as usual, things have gone very well with him. He plays a lot but also cuddles a lot. He's started to learn to play on his one. Right now he's playing with a little ball with a bell inside. Very funny. He's also exploring upwards in the apartment. We got the double bass (kontrabas) back and kept it in its soft case next to a book shelf. One day we heard a strange sound, and discovered that Tengil had climbed to the book shelf top, using the double bass. We removed the soft case after that...

Here's a little video clip on Tengil playing in a a tube. When we got him he was a bit smaller, and could easily crawl through it. He still can, but now he also can enjoy spinning in it.