Saturday, April 14, 2007

A walk in the park

Today the cats and I have to entertain ourselves while Tomek is away with friends. Since it's such a great weather I decided to bring the cats to my parents garden. None of the cats have been there before. Tengil has been outside a couple of times and Most two times. They've been quite careful though and almost acted like they couldn't walk on the grass.

So I packed a little backpack, put the harness on the cats and packed them in their transport bag, filled a box with litter sand, packed all things in the car and off we went. The cats meowed the entire drive, the whole 5 minutes...

Then I unpacked all the stuff in the garden, but the cats were a bit afraid to go out. But Dad used the rat-under-the-blanket-trick and then they dared to come out. It took a little while but both cats started to walk around in the garden and explore. Most found it especially fun to walk around the greenhouse. The first time he sneaked around it, but as he got more confident he walked with his tail high.

Most dared to use the temporary catoilett, but Tengil seemed to think that there was to much around to use it, so he just sat in it.

After two hours the cats were rather tired so we went home. Now, to exhausted cats are lying on the floor in the sun, completely dog-tired.