Saturday, April 14, 2007

Window cat

One day we walk up and heard a sound of glass bouncing against floor. When we got up, we noticed that the little candle glas we have in the window in the cats room was on the floor. I tried to figured out how it ended on the floor and came to the (quite unlogicale) conclusion that the cats must have bounced against the wall, so that it bounced and thus threw the glass on the floor. Later that day, the cats were very quite, so I went to look for them. I threw a quick glance in their room, but saw no cats. Looked in rest of the apartment, but couldn't find them, so I looked in their room again. And there was Most, sitting on the catoilett. And Tengil, up in the window which has hardly any window-border. That explained the glas on the floor.

This is how it looked. I think Most looks rather funny, you can see how he wants to be where Tengil is.