Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer times!

Our vacation has started for us, which means basically two things for the cats, that we're around more and that we're around less. We spent some four-five days away from the cats. They stayed in the flat and had a cat watcher come by twice a day to feed and cuddle them. Apparently they got more and more cuddlier as time went by. Now that we're back they seem quite the same, they didn't seemed thrilled with joy when we came home but appreciated the cuddle.

Most has gotten quite the little cuddlier. If you go and sit down in the couch he comes running and lies in the lap. He rolls around makes sure you know how absolutely lovely it is to have a little cat in the lap. Tengil on the other hand is not as obvious in his cuddle. He more likes to stretch out on your legs, but sometimes enjoy a good cuddle to.

Wen spent a couple of days in the summer cottage. And of course, the cats were outside in their leashes. They are now big cats so they can be outside without constant watching. So we have put the cats leashes on a rope so that they can walk around a bit. Since the leashes are of flexi type, this gives them much space.