Thursday, September 6, 2007

The water cat

I've been slow on updating the blog... but I will try to do better now.
Some updates:
  • Most is neutered. It went well and he totally charmed the staff at the vet.
  • Tengil has got a bit fat since he was neutered. So now we are controlling how much food they eat.
  • We have discovered why the cats' water always end up outside the bowl. Most likes to step with his front paws in the water bowl.
  • Most likes to pick up the drain filter in the shower. He seems to have a growing interest in water.
  • Tengil has caught his first 'animal' bigger than a fly. He caught 3 dragonflies one afternoon.
Tengil really enjoyes to be outside, but Most still acts like he is a small cat which have to crawl around.
Here is a picture of Most taken i the summer cottage. He likes to sit up on the railing and look at the butterflies.