Friday, February 23, 2007

First day

I have a day off from work today to be home with Tengil. We spent the night together on the sofa. I didn't sleep much, but not because Tengil was up, rather the opposite. He sleept under my blanket so I couldn't move, wouldn't want to crush him. Besides from not sleeping, it was absolutley marvoules to have a litten kitten in the bed, laying next to you, purring... Oh, before we went to sleep, Tengil spent a good five minutes attacking my feet if i dared to move them under the blanket. Appearently, all things moving under a blanket should be attacked.

When Tomek woke up, he and Tengil played for a little while before Tomek had to go to work. Then Tengil and I played for a long while and than feel a sleep in the sofa watching TV. Now Tengil is waking up, noticing my hands on the keyboard, he already attacked them once. It is also very nice to stand on the keyboard while I use the computer, I noticed.

Another fun thing to do which goes under the label "playing with owner, when owner tries to do other things" is to bite and claw in the book owner is reading.

As it seem that Tengil likes to play with strings, I made him a little toy by attaching a small piece of paper on the end of a string. Tengil liked this a lot. He jumped, tossed and made somersaults trying to destroy it.