Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tengil has arrived!

Now the little boy is here! Joy! It has all gone very well so far.
We picked him up earlier today. He didn't mind going in to the transport bag, leaving the house, but when we started the car he started to whine and did so all the way home. At the end of the trip he tried to get out of the bag.

When we got home, we opened the bag in the same room where his catoillet is placed. He quite quickly went out of the bag and started to explore the room. He soon got brave and explored the rest of the apartment. We have two rooms closed though, its a big apartment the explore. He has been great! When he got comforted, he's been going around purring. We've also played a lot and then it was time for the humans to eat. Tengil didn't want to be in the kitchen, instead he ran of in to the living room and meow until I came to check on him. We did this a couple of time until he got in to his little bed (a cardboard box with a blanket). We then understood that he was tired and wanted to sleep. So we ate our food in the living room. Now Tengil is sleeping :)