Saturday, February 24, 2007

The cat with no name

Tengil spent the night on the sofa with Tomek. They both slept very well. Tonight we will try to sleep in the bedroom with the door closed. But we are both unsure if it will work. Right now I'm sitting in the bedroom with the door closed and Tengil is sleeping in the sofa. It seems as if he can sleep a really long time if you don't wake him. And he doesn't wake easily. Today he has discovered hwo fun it can be to attack our feet. He spent breakfeast attacking Tomek's feet (which was fun for both Tengil and me...). It doesn't really hurt that much, it's just quite shocking.

Anyway, I just thought that I would add a picture of the cat with no name (or Merry Christmas which is his name in the pedigree), that is, the other kitten that will join us in a month. Here is a rather old picture of him and his siblings. I think he's the one with the really blue eyes, looking up. Tomek still has no name, he says he wants to see the kitten before naming (we've already seen him twice...)