Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In a week

It's about one week until the first cat comes, Tengil, we will call him. Tengil is the name of the evil dictator of Nagijala who hade a dragon called Katla (who ate him). But I think it is a nice name. Although we had quite a fun time pretending that the two cats would have evil dictators as names. Tomek is responsible for coming up with the name for the second cat.

I'm starting to feel more and more that I have no idea how to take care for a little cat. If it were a puppy, I would now, but a kitten? I did do something cattery yesterday, I put together a scrathing post, it looks like this:
Not the most advanced thing...

I also put together a transportbag, yes we had a delivery of cat things yesterday.

Did I tell you about the cat-toilett (catoilett?) ? It's a real fancy thing, "self cleaning", that we got for a third of its price (because no one wants to buy them, but let's not talk about that). It has a roofe and when you clean it, you simple turn it around and the things that need to be removed are put in a little disposer that you just empty in the trash can. Swell! We agreed to be test pilots and report to the pet store how it works (very suitable since I work as a test engineer and thus is an expert on testing!).

Long week to come now, and I will probably freak out a couple of times before the kitten arraives, but boy do I long for it!