Sunday, February 4, 2007


Today we've been and selected one of our cats. It's a cornish male which is tabby-chocolate masked (or something like that ;-) with blue eyes. Very cute! Does not look like a frog! Although this picture might suggest it:

This little fellow will move in with us in the end of march, about 6 weeks from now. He has three brothers and one sister. The cattery also has some other crx and dogs.

In about three weeks the first kitten will come. He's blue and white and lives with his three sisters and one brother, a big dog and a 'Uncle' cat. So both of the kittens will probably be used to a lot of commotion.

Tomek and I are starting to look at the apartment from a kittens point of view and found some areas we have to fix, for example, right now it would be quite easy for a kitten to get behind the refrigerator with out the possiblity to get out again. We also bought an piece of furniture that we planed to remake to a kitty furniture but it turned out to be pretty nice, so maybe it won't go through an extreme make over.

Everybody has started to tell us how much work it is to have kittens for say, oh a year or five. But we can't imagine it beeing that much work, probably more fun than work. We're also starting to come to turns with that everything in the apartment is in the risk of getting explored (damaged, ruined, destroyed) by the kittens. Hope they will leave the fishes alone...