Saturday, March 10, 2007

Preparing for new cat and a walk

Less then two weeks until the new cat arrives, still no name. So today we went to the pet shop to buy some more things, we decided to buy one more catoilett, the same type as before since it works great For you who don't remember, its a self cleaning catoilett, that is, you turn it around and the lumps fall into a certain scoop. No need to dig into the sand! (This is how it looks)

Then we of course bought some more toys. The funniest toys so far has been toys that are not toys, but junk, preferably junk on a string. We also bought a harness and a leash and started to prepare for a walk. Previously this week we bought a new scratchy thing, since Tengil still prefers the carpet... But it didn't work. Fun to play with -yes. Good to use your claws on - no. I've also ordered some books about cats, but they haven't arrived yet. Yes, we buy a lot of stuff.

I've weight Tengil today, 1,9 kg. Yes, he is getting big!

Anyway, we put the harness on Tengil. It wasn't very easy since he thought it was something to play with. Once it was on we started to play with him and it went fine. He didn't seem to mind the harness, but did spend more time than usual throwing himself on the floor and rolling about. But all in all, it went fine. Now we also have to put on the leash and train him with that. The harness is just used for training when he's gotten fully grown, we'll buy a new, fancy one.