Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Working from home...

.. is not easy when you have a kitten. I tried this afternoon, but Tengil was rather active, which meant that I had to watch him and stop him from doing all kinds of stuff he shouldn't. Later he settled down and I discovered that he almost fell asleep if I stroke his ears.

Tengil likes to play with buttons, especially big buttons on cardigans. I don't know why, but he pulls and bites them. He discovers things to play with on the most strange places.

Now it's about two weeks until the second cat arrives. Before I used to think that Tengil and the new cat would be around the same size, even though, they are one month apart. But now I really think that Tengil has grown, he has definitely become fatter, so their size will probably differ a lot. I really hope that they will get along. We choose kittens who were rather active and enjoyed playing with their siblings. I really think they would benefit of each other, a human just can't play with a kitten as a cat would.