Saturday, March 3, 2007

What have changed?

First of all our living room. It is now covered in cat toys or cat related items. We have the scratching-pole, the playtunnel, the 'vippa', the mice, the bed, the bed made out of a cardbord box, the cardbord box for playing in, the paper bag for playing in, the cat-grass on the table, the 3 blankets on the sofa (one actually is for protecting the sofa where Tengil likes to climb up on it), the feathers (from the Vippa) and last, but not least, the paper - there are small pieces of paper everywhere!

Other ways things have changed. Well for one thing, we are greeted by a cozy cat, who just loves the curl up on ones chest and purr.I spent this morning with the computer on the lap and Tengil on my chest. I now have to shower with the door opened, otherwise Tengil sits outside and meows. My hands now have some scratchmarks, not as many as I anticipate though.

I've also learned some lifelong knowledge, for one thing, don't lift up a cat to the face when having a piece of paper tissue stuffed in you nose (I've changed here since a friend thought that we put a a4-paper up our noses to play with the cat, that is not the case, I had a nose bleed). It will get ugly! Don't walk around without socks if a kitten is nearby. It will get ugly!

Yesterday was the first day with sun here since Tengil moved in with us. Tengil spent some time trying to catch the sun on the carpet. There was one area with sun on the carpet and Tengil ran from one side of it to the other to catch it. Then he found some good sun spots to lay in, like this one: