Saturday, March 3, 2007

Why cornish?

This is Tengil's fur. As you can see it got waves. That's one feature for the cornish rex. The fur is also very soft to touch, like velvet. I think Tengil will have a good fur when he's grown up, both his parents had wavy furs and he seems to have thick good fur (not that I know what I'm talking about). That's the most obvious thing that separate cornish from other cats. They also have big eyes and ears and are slim. Tengil looks somewhat like a rat, from time to time. He's not round and cuddly as most kitten. But I really like his look, and from my point of view, he's really cute.

One other thing we liked about cornish rex is that they are active and some even say they're a bit like a dog. I like that, I don't want a cat that just lies on the sofa, but rather is interested in what I'm doing. Today Tengil helped me do the laundrey. He assisted in climbing around in the laundry bags and made sure I didn't forget some clothes in a paper bag.

It is sunny today, which seems to be a little problem for Tengil. On one hand, he wants to lay in the warm sunspots, but on the other hand, that quite boring and he want's to play. This leads to a little problem. We see a cozy kitten laying in the sun and goes to pet him, but Tengil instead sees a hand to play with coming towards him... I've solved this temporary by attaching the vippa in the book shelf so that it sticks out, this way, he can lay in the sun and still play.