Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Play and sleep

Today was Tengil's first day home alone while we were working. It wasn't such a long dag, about 5 hours. Tomek played with him for an hour or so before going to work, and then we came home for lunch. I think it went fine. He probably sleept in the sofa.

We have also started to let Tengil sleep alone. It went good the first time, he sleept the entire night . But the second time, we made a mistake and let him sleep for to long so he woke up when we went to bed. Out to sleep in the sofa for Tomek. The next night, we learned from our mistake and played a lot with Tengil so that he was really sleepy when we went to bed. It went good. He's such a good boy, yes he his!

Right now he's sleeping in my lap in the cheezebow position and snoring a bit. I've had a headache today and went home early from work and had to take it easy. Tengil was really nice and cuddled with me. I went to sleep and when I woke up he sat on my hand and purred. Oh, before all of this cuddling he played with me. He lay between my legs and played (bite and scratch) the inside of my thighs. Thank god for thick jeans! He also enjoyed playing under the blanket.

Here is a picture of Tengil helping Tomek work (Tomek did not have thick jeans!).

Tengil sleeps a lot and when he sleeps he can sleep trough anything. I've made him this little box to sleep in.

This is Tengil playing with the scratch pole.